Monday, July 18, 2016


Something to think about; in the past we, EAWA and EMCOMM have had what we call Sunday Sessions where we get together and work on projects we are messing with and getting help in areas that tax our patience and dexterity of our fingers…and eyesight. With today’s ever busy lifestyles and with a few key “elmers” not around in the cold Maine winters (smart people!) these sessions seemed to fall by the wayside. Possible now is the time to consider firing these back up and getting interest stirred back up in our home brewing heritage. Give some thought to this and bring some ideas to the next monthly EAWA meeting on August 11th.
We also spoke of the possibility of getting the club, most important the hobby, out there in the public’s eye. We agreed Field Day is a great experience and a lot of fun but the past few years its been more of a competition out of public view than what one of its purposes really is that educating the public to what we provide in times of need and promoting the hobby as well. We used to do demos at the Maine Coast Mall here in Ellsworth. With the limited amount of traffic there it probably would not pan out too well. SO, put your thinking caps on and lets see what we might do as a group spread the word!


73 de W1KRP


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