Wednesday, April 19, 2017

QRP In Downeast Maine!

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Jeff, KA1DBE recently had some good news for those interested in QRP Ops here in Downeast Maine:

 Greeting all,
As I stated in the EAWA meeting, this will be an informal group of QRP operators sharing what they are doing with the rest of North America.
The NAQCC has a monthly news letter and I would like to have something to spotlight each month.  Could be new gear, antenna project, contest, etc.  Let me know what you have been up to.
 Not sure how many of you are contesters but the NAQCC has a monthly 2 hour sprint. 
 I like sprints because they do not take a whole lot of time and it is a good way to get your feet wet in contesting if you have never done it before.
I will try to set up a FB page or group and maybe a Twitter account.
Lastly, this Saturday, I will be operating the QRP to the field (QRPTTF) contest.  I will be set up at the Ellsworth waterfront park an Marina.  Plan to get there around 8 am to set up and be on the air by 10.  Stop by and say hi if you have some time.
Thanks again for your support and let's show them how we do things Downeast!
Jeff, KA1DBE

Further NAQCC Info:


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