Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Time Passes...Things change!

  When I got my License years ago it was to participate in a hobby that got my interest piqued due to my Dad’s decade’s long passion in electronics leading him to having his FCC Commercial license even with Radar endorsements. I picked up some info from him when he was alive but as a kid, Dad being immersed in it constantly, I did not take advantage of his wealth of information available. So, me being one who is quite often slow on the uptake AKA: after Dad passed, I decided to learn electronics (some!) and at the same time get my Ham ticket! (Disclaimer: Bruce N1VLQ is to blame..another story!) Why the ramblings, well I have been a blogger for years and decided after a few years of big life changing events to get back to my RF roots…just Ham radio. Yes, I will continue to report on EMCOMM items which I will still support, but this blog from this point forward will be a sounding board for Ham Radio FUN…with my sometimes contorted viewpoint thrown in for the hell of it. Yes, the URL will remain the same but the title of the page and primary purpose has changed. Please feel free to check in, I will post blog update status on FB and if you have any comments please feel free to leave them below the posts or email me at   Thanks and 73!!

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