Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Maine Ham Radio Society

Maine Ham Radio Society

(formerly Narraguagus Bay Amateur Radio Club)

MINUTES (Tentative)

October 14, 2017

0900 at The Milbridge House Restaurant

Present: Phil Duggan N1EP, Rick Miller N1XRW, Kevin Keane AB1OX, David Prue KC1GVG, Brian Carlton KC1FXF, Richard Clark KC1BUX

*All present agreed that we should bring the club out of suspended animation. All present paid $10 membership fees. It was decided for now the dues would be $10. Depending on possible liabilty insurance and other costs, the members could choose to increase fees at a later date.

 *Officer Elections were held resulting in:

Phil N1EP President/Secretary

David KC1GVG Vice President

Brian KC1FXF Treasurer

* Members voted to change the name of the club to Maine Ham Radio Society.

*It was noted that Kevin Shissler K1FQ was going to renew the club’s call sign KB1CEJ and transfer Trusteeship to Brenda Duggan N1ZPV. N1EP will also ask Kevin if he can update the name of the club with the FCC at the same time, if that is even an option.

*N1EP noted that he was hosting a group November Sweepstakes operation and social event at his QTH on Sunday November 19. All are invited. It was also announced that the next Ellsworth club breakfast would be Saturday, Nov 4 at 0900 at Denny’s. Please RSVP N1EP if you plan on attending so enough tables can be reserved.

*Additionally, the Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association will be resuming their Sunday project sessions starting November 12 at the Meadow View Apartments Phase IV Dining Hall 25 Tweedie Lane. They usually start at noon. All are welcome. A VE session will be scheduled for sometime in November at that same location.

Adjourned about 1020

Submitted by Phil Duggan N1EP

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