Friday, April 20, 2018

Saturday 4.21.18 QRP Down By The Union River

 Message From Jeff KA1DBE organizer of the event:

Greetings all,

Looks like we are going to have a good day and plenty of different
rigs/antenna/hardware.  Most of all, we will have plenty of operators.
I am planning on being on site about 9:30ish but you can show up when
you can.  Here are some last minute notes:

Need to log every contact.  Please use UTC or let me know if you use
EDT so I can convert it.  If computer logging, send me the ADI file so
I can merge it into the final log.

We will be using W1TU for the callsign.

The exchange will be RST ME Union R.  Not all contacts will be 599.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules.  SSB and CW only.  Was
hoping to do some digital but maybe we can do some demos.  Here is a
link to the rules:

Would like to capture the event in photos so forward them to me if you
have some good ones.

Most of all, have fun.  I am looking forward to it and remember that
we are in the public so be ready to answer questions without too much

Any last minute questions?

Jeff, KA1DBE

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sunday Session!

A recent Sunday Session provided Jeff KA1DBE with a couple of photo ops. Top is a nice looking go-kit based in a Harbor Freight case by Chris AB1PZ. Bottom photo Chuck AC1BS replaces the battery in his Kenwood TS-50. Thanks Jeff for the photos!

QRP Down By The Union River!

The following is from Jeff KA1DBE:
 “QRP to the Field.  Saturday, April 21st.  This year's
event will have the same theme as last year.  The band conditions were
so bad last year that they felt they needed a do over.  So with that
in mind, Dick, W1QRP has made arrangements to use the Gazebo at the
Ellsworth Harbor park. Like last year, I was thinking 1200-1700 EDT
for an operating time.   What I would like to see is a 2 or maybe 3
station effort this year.  At least 1 CW and 1 SSB.  Any volunteers?
The QRPTTF website is:

This was done last year and was a lot of fun even though it was cold and wet. Join on in on the 21st even if you just stop by for a visit!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

E.A.W.A. Monthly Meeting 3/8/18

Dont forget, a week from tomorrow, Thursday March 8th, is the monthly meeting of the EAWA, Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association, face to face meeting. 7PM, Phase 4 Community Room 25 Tweedie Lane here in Ellsworth. There will be a presentation on Radio Fox Hunting done by Jeff Hanscom KA1DBE which will be very interesting. Spring is right around the corner, something to think about as a club activity! As always the meetings are open to anyone interested in Ham Radio and possibly getting their license. Remember, when all else fails for communications, there is always Ham Radio!


Save this coming Sunday, March 4th for some ham radio activity. Yes, Sunday Session time has once again rolled around. 12 noon anyone interested in sharing their vast knowledge of amateur radio please plan on attending, and for those of us always wanting (and needing) to expand our knowledge base…plan on attending. Bring projects, gear, questions, comments (civil please) and of course…coffee. See you at 12 noon this coming Sunday, 25 Tweedie Lane in Ellsworth at the Meadow View Phase IV Community room. And of course if you are interested in probably one of the most vast hobbies there is available and getting your license, which is EASY, drop on by!! We will head you in the right direction….honest, we will.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Keeping Things Stirred Up!

Phil Duggan N1EP has been in the Ham Radio community for, well, let’s leave it as a long time. Phil has held a number of titles in the radio community and I think all that’s left is Jedi. He has been instrumental in organizing and resurrecting ham activities for years. His recent undertakings are covered in the below links and hope you get a chance to check them out and participate when you get a chance in the activities! Local Amateur Radio news and activities Educational projects that have the potential to pique children's interest in ham radio and technology and science. Phil's home Ham page!


Sunday Sessions Continue!

Andrew N1WMR hooking up his new QRP rig for a demo!

Rob W8HAP, Chuck AC1BS and Jeff KA1DBE discuss the finer points of wrangling coax.
Sunday Sessions continue at Meadow View Apartments here in Ellsworth, held on, wait for it...Sundays. Go figure! Great place to work on a project, study and ask questions of long time radio-active folks. And drink coffee whilst spinning tall tales of elusive DX captures! 12 noon to ?
Next scheduled Sessions are :