Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sunday Sessions

Last Sunday, January 22, EAWA held it’s first of hopefully many “Sunday Sessions” where Hams meet and work on their  projects, get help or just socialize! 12 of us met and got things accomplished, on personal projects and also we were able to get the Diamond dual band antenna back up on the roof after it was knocked down during a storm months ago. Thanks go out to Mark Albee N1MEA and Chris Weaver AB1PZ for taking it down and making repairs. Chris AB1PZ and Chris N1CJS took the time and got everything back as it should be! Phil N1EP worked on a QRP rig he Is hoping to get on the air soon. Next session will be on Sunday February 26th at noon time at Meadow View Apartments Phase 4 Community Room, 25 Tweedie Lane in Ellsworth.

Photo by Jeff KA1DBE

Photo by Jeff KA1DBE

Photo by Jeff KA1DBE

Photo by Dick W1KRP

Photo by Dick W1KRP


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EAWA, Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association, next meeting will be Thursday, February 9th at 6 PM. Meetings are held in the Meadow View Apartments Phase 4 Community Room located at 25 Tweedie Lane in Ellsworth. We are open to any licensed Ham or ANYONE interested in this great hobby! At our February meeting,  Jeff Hanscom, KA1DBE, will do a presentation on Amateur Radio satellite communications. Jeff has moved back to Maine from Virginia and brings a wealth of info and enthusiasm to share. Just before moving back here, Jeff was a member of the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club and was awarded their 2016 Ham of The Year award. In March, member Rob Collins W8HAP will do a antenna presentation which should be very informative! Whatever Rob does…he does it right. So, plan on attending the meetings and if you are just lurking out there wondering what this Ham Radio stuff is all about, stop on by and see what’s up! For further information about Amateur Radio or EAWA please feel free to contact: President Chris Stanley N1CJS at, V.P. Dick Small W1KRP at or Secretary/Treasurer Evie Sargent KA1BRA at . General information on Ham radio can be found at

Morse Code Net

The Tuesday night (1830 hrs) CW net on the 146.910 KB1NEB repeater is off to a great start! Phil N1EP has taken the reigns and is leading a few brave(!?) souls down the Morse Code path. I will admit that personally its a real fun trip, and I can see myself sitting out on Monhegan in August throwing the dits and dahs!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CW (Morse Code) Training Net

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The CW Training Net begins next Tuesday at 1830 hours (6:30pm) on the Hancock County EMCOMM Repeater 146.910- (PL 151.4) This will be a weekly net except for when I am out of the area, unless another CW operator volunteers to fill in for me.
We will begin from scratch and the first letters we will learn and practice are a, n, e, t, i, m, o, s
We will see how much we can squeeze into a half hour session. I will do periodic callup for check-ins. IF you plan to just listen, keep in mind that if I have no check-ins, I will not do the net. I cannot broadcast like ARRL W1AW does because I do not have an exemption from the 2-way communication rules.
If you have not done so already, please send me an email if you are interested in this net and I will add you to theCW Training Net  list. That way if I have net items to share I don't have to bother everyone in my ham radio listing, such as I am doing now, hi hi.
The 91 repeater is interfaced with Echolink, so even though there is a delay with the audio, it should work if you are away and would like to participate. The echolink is N1CJS-L node 768827.
Please share this email so that others in the area interested in learning the Morse Code will know about the net. Thanks.
73~ Phil Duggan N1EP

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Only 177 Days Until Field Day!

Greeting everyone! Hope that everyone had a great Christmas and got all those Ham Radio related goodies you wrote down as very broad hints to “Santa”! New Year’s is behind us and time to get moving on the path to a active and successful amateur radio year. Just a reminder of a couple events……this coming Saturday, January 7th at 0900hrs is the monthly EAWA Breakfast at Denny’s here in Ellsworth. If you plan on attending contact Phil, N1EP at  ASAP to confirm. Next Thursday, the12th is the monthly meeting of the EAWA at 1800 hours in the Phase 4 Community Room of Meadow View Apartments located at 25 Tweedie Lane in Ellsworth where this month we elect a new slate of officers.  Also there is talk of discussing “Winter Field Day” coming up in a few weeks if people are interested.  Then we have the start of the ever popular “Sunday Sessions” at the same location as the EAWA meetings starting on January 22nd 12/1-whenever. Bring a project you are working on (if power is needed bring extension cord and if you are soldering bring something protective to cover table with under your project please), bring your questions you want to throw out to the group and most of all…bring your coffee! We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events!!