Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Importance of Training

W1KRP Personal Editorial:

At times it seems like all we do is train for something. Whether it’s for personal or business related issues…. we train. Yes it does get boring at times but its importance cannot be downplayed. Coming from a background in public service I can attest to the fact that those that train at even the most minor tasks, obtain success when the SHTF. Repetition is the only way to make a response a “action”, and not a “reaction” which can set you and others back and possibly lead to dangerous consequences. This plan falls within the scope of emergency communications as well as any other service. With training remember that just because it’s old to you its most likely new to a fellow member. Possibly when you see or hear someone having trouble reach out and offer to help them grasp the issue and move forward. I remember in EMS at my license level disliking what at the time was called RECERT/DECERT every three months. If you did not have at least three documented field uses of IV starts (intravenous catheter), ET tubes (endotracheal intubations) and cardiac defibrillations within that three month period you had to attend a RECERT/DECERT session and show your skills to an instructor and be signed off before you practiced in the field. I found these to be great experiences, after initial bitching about the inconveniences, when I was faced with implementing these skills in the field under most times adverse conditions. Practicing, training, field usage…all these terms come into play every day in what we do. Yes, Ham Radio is a hobby but when the SHTF and people depend on you make sure you provide a service that will leave a positive impression on either the victim(s) or the served agencies you are working with or for. Also remember a public service mantra. “Do no harm”. In other words train. 73~Dick W1KRP


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